One Step Beyond!


It’s been almost 5 years.

FIVE YEARS. This podcast has lost and gained 4 hosts, moved a combined 7 times, welcomed new life into the world, and plugged Combos enough (combos combos combos) that we should at least get a coupon for a free bag. And yet you, our loyal three listeners, have stuck through all of this with us. You’ve rated the podcast five stars, even on episodes where we couldn’t have deserved more than three. You’ve made us laugh on Twitter and shared your lives and gaming tables with us. In the five years this abomination of chits and love has existed, you have helped us build something beautiful.

It’s time we take the next step.

We’ve recorded and planned a lot this past year, our informal motto being to “make it happen”. For our fifth anniversary, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Dog and Thimble is more than just a hobby on top of a hobby for us. It’s our dream. Add to that the fact that so many of you have spent money based on our complete buffoonery, it’s time that we kicked things up a notch. Through the end of 2019, you can expect a new episode every other Thursday. However….

Starting January 2, 2020:


  • Returning: The Newscast is back! 

  • New: Newscast on YouTube- we’ve received a lot of feedback that people would like to listen to the podcast but YouTube is sometimes their only option. So from here on out, every podcast we upload will have an accompanying video.  For now, they’ll just be audio and some lovely pictures, but hopefully we can upgrade this soon!


  • Returning (sorta): Old podcasts as new videos! The backlog is substantial and going along with the whole “we’d like to listen to your dumb jokes in the background while I’m doing stuff, but YouTube is the only way to make that work on my streaming device”, we thought it would be fun to take a trip back to yesteryear every week (and play with that YouTube algorithm, yo).

  • New: BRAND NEW VIDEOS! You read that right! To start, we will be posting scripted content once a month (hopefully- we still need to learn the editing software). Honestly, we have so many ideas for this feature, it’s insane.


  • Returning: Articles! Twice a week, there will be something newly posted and awesome to read on the website. This will more often than not be completely new content, but there are some great articles on this current iteration of the website that would be truly sad to lose to the sands of time. These will be reposted with the tag “From the Archives” and will include an update as to where the game is today at the end of each article.

  • New: Vlogs! These videos shouldn’t run more than 5 minutes a piece and it’s more so we can talk about the fun games that may not make it on to the podcast, new Kickstarters that we are excited for, and to just have a nice chat.


  • Returning: A NEW EPISODE OF THE PODCAST EVERY MOTHA FLIPPIN’ WEEK *insert air horns here*  

We will still keep the format of one game a week, so that it makes your life easier when it comes to searching for information about particular games. But, once a month, you also get a themed special that delves into a whole bunch of games!

  • New (sorta): Video of the new podcast episodes for your enjoyment. We did this a couple of times in the long long ago and it’s time to make it a staple. 


  • Returning: Another article to round out the week.

  • New: Another vlog! In this second vlog of the week, we’ll be sharing what we’re playing this weekend or any new games that have showed up on our doorsteps.

Every Week (or whenever we can)

  • Streaming gameplay on Twitch

  • Twitter posts

  • Instagram posts

  • Board Game Geek Updates

  • One of us will be trolling around on Reddit