Reviews FAQ

Reviews are here to help you decide what board games are worth playing and worth buying. You might have a few questions about reviews and here's where you'll find the answers.

What do the review scores mean?
Reviews are given a score of 1-5 stars. No half-stars here. While it would be great if people read through the text and made a decision based on what was written, the truth is that sometimes you just want to get a quick glance to see if a game is worth your time. Here's a breakdown of the scores.

Avoid! Danger, danger! Bad game. Bad, bad game. No way around it, this game is awful. It's not a game "some" will like. The design contains serious flaws that make the game nearly unplayable.

Play your friend's copy. Not necessarily a bad game. This is often used for games that can be enjoyable, but aren't ones we'd play again. These are the games that sit on your shelf and gather dust.

A game worth checking out, maybe owning. Though it sits in the middle, a 3-star game isn't considered "average." These are games that we enjoyed playing, but are missing some element that makes them must play experiences. If the theme attracts you, chances are this game will be more highly received by you than it was by us.

Buy it. Reserved for games we feel are definitely worth purchasing. Of course, everyone has different tastes and we have our own biases (mentioned in each review). So be sure to keep that in mind. But, our opinion is that this is a game that most people are going to enjoy. It's a game we'll always play if it's at the table and will almost always suggest when people come over to game.

Everyone should own this game. We may be wrong, but our thinking at a 5-star level is that if you don't like this game, you're a crazy person. This is a game that transcends its genre, that is so good and is so well thought out and designed, that it's a sure-fire hit for almost any gamer. These are the rare games that we always want to play, that we're always trying to bring to the table.

Why are the review stars so big?
So you won't miss 'em.

Why are there so many positive reviews?
Dog and Thimble just launched and as such, we aren't receiving products early from publishers. Instead, we rely on games we're playing. And, well, if you play a game that sucks, you're probably not going to play it again. For now, we're digging through games played regularly by the crew. Don't worry, we'll start shitting on games eventually.

How do you decide which games to review?
Right now, we're just digging through our collection and picking things we've played enough to review easily. But, you can help us choose what to review next. Each week we post a list of games and allow fans to vote on what games they want reviewed next. Keep an eye on for your chance to vote.

Why don't all games have video reviews?
Our hope is to move to a point where every game has a video review. In our infancy, we're taking a slower approach to video. This will change in time, especially if our fans support us by liking and sharing our reviews. The more love Dog and Thimble receives, the more we can invest in new videos and better production.

I wanna review board games!
If you believe you have the chops, you can hit us up at with samples of your work. There are no guarantees we'll accept outside reviews, but you could wow us.

More questions?
E-mail us. We'll update the FAQ as needed.