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Publishers Please Read

Dog and Thimble accepts review copies. Please note that we do not generally review pre-release Kickstarter content and often do not have capacity to review indie titles. We have three tiers of reviews:

Tier 1 - Podcast review. Your game is reviewed in a 5-15 minute segment on our podcast. If we receive 3 copies of a game (for our 3 podcasters), we may do a featured review, which is 20-40 min in-depth on our podcast.

Tier 2 - Written review. Your game receives a written review on our website and on BGG, plus a review on our podcast.

Tier 3 - Video review. Your game is given a high-quality YouTube review, a written review, and a review on our podcast.

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Hilary Goldstein
You may know Hilary from the terrible reviews he wrote at IGN or for his two comic books, Hoodlum and The Golem, for which he received several high fives. Having invaded the world of video games and comics (he founded the IGN Comics site), he’s set his sights on board games. He left his job in the video game industry to fulfill his lifelong dream of running a site that no one visits.

Follow him on Twitter @hilgoldstein


Tom Parkin
Tom Parkin is a lawyer. And also a vampire. An avid board gamer, Tom has never once suffered analysis paralysis because he believes in “just rollin’ dice and makin’ shit happen.” If his accent sounds funny to you, it’s because he’s sort of from England. No one’s really sure. His cat is kind of a dick.

Follow him on Twitter @PLP_Tom


Chris Schock
Chris Schock is a bear who shaved to pass himself off as a podcaster. A big fan of Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, he also runs Mirkwood Runner. He enjoys honey, hates Ranger Smith, and is a real good speaker for a bear.

Follow him on Twitter @MirkwoodRunner

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